The mission of the Association is to contribute to the expansion of expert knowledge and practical skills in social work through education, training, internships and other activities for members of their associations and other interested parties.

Our logo represents a synergistic harmonization and the name, TENENET, we borrowed from the Egyptian goddess of milk, honey and beer.
Activities of the Association are:

  • implementation of employment services for disabled people under Act no. 5/2004 Z.z. Employment Services and as amended,
  • implementation of social services pursuant to Act no. 448/2008 Z.z. on social services and as amended,
  • implementation of socio-legal protection of children within the meaning of Act no. 305/2005 Z.z. the social and legal protection of children and social guardianship and amended
  • supporting the development of educational programs
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in the preparation of educational projects
  • developing and publishing educational and methodological materials for the needs of its educational programs
  • support methodology and consulting activities in accordance with the mission and activities of the association
  • support for study visits and placements of association members
  • pooling of citizens in accordance with the mission of the association


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Lichnerova 41
903 01 Senec

Account number: 401 801 8944 / 7500
IBAN: SK58 7500 0000 0040 1801 8944

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