2% – a big help from people to people

Costs you nothing and they will help a lot, not to us, but other people will benefit. Don’t you believe ? See the projects that we have already carried out.

You will make our work easier, and if necessary we can also help you. Please decide to give the 2%, so you will help disabled people as well as children and young people from socially deprived families with whom we work within our projects.

The possibility to contribute 2% of your taxis have employess until 15th February only, employers and tradesmen until 31.3. every calendar´s year.

Thank you in advance. For the whole team TENENET o.z.

Elena Kopcová and Nora Horváthová

Information about the association:

Name: Tenenet, o.z.
Company ID: 422 550 15
Bank account: 401 801 8944/7500
Web: www.tenenet.sk
Address: Lichnerova 41, Senec,
Phone: +421 907 154 601

Registrated at MV SR, 19.8.2011, VVS/1-900/90-380 68

Necessary documents is available here: http://rozhodni.sk/poukazatel/tlaciva-na-poukazanie-2-z-dane/