Advisory for employers

We provide these listed services for employers of persons with disabilities, in accordance with Act 5/2004 Employment Services and later:

1. Establishment of sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces with using state grant to promote employment of persons with disabilities (§55-60 Law 5/2004)

The establishment of sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces from the first idea, effectively setting the number of persons with disabilities and work assistants, financial analysis, SWOT analysis, preparation of jobs for people with disabilities, special adjustment of the environment for persons with disabilities in the workplace, communication with relevant Bureaus, preparation and submission of applications for state benefits etc. to successfully acquire the status of sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces, and the signature of the receiving state financial aids from competent bureau of employment.

2. Regular monthly administration and claims for refund of government benefits (§55-60 Law 5/2004)

We provide the monthly administration and submission of agreed national contributions to competent bureau (eg. §59 and §60 job assistance – payroll sheets, payslips, statements to insurance companies, attendance etc.)

3. The selection of employees – people with disabilities (§63 Act 5/2004)

Activities supported employment agency – selection of persons with disabilities as required by the appropriate staff jobs on the basis of psychological assessment, human resources and business psychology.

4. The award of contracts to sheltered workshops or sheltered environment (Section 64 of Act 5/2004) and payment of the statutory contribution (Section 65 of Act 5/2004)

Advice and consultation for employers obliged to employ people with disabilities regarding the selection of interesting services or products from all sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces for the employer in Slovakia. Complete administration and processing of documents for UPSVR, assistance in setting up appropriate combination of compulsory levy payment, contract award and employment of people with employer of the disabled, advice possible problems for contracts Indemnification etc.

5. Effective management of sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces

Setting up effective management, marketing, PR activities, product management, CRM etc. Goal is to increase sales of sheltered workshops and workplaces from the sale of their products and services to the public and businesses.

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Creating a sheltered workplace with using state grant to promote the employment of people with disabilitiesRegular monthly administration and requests for reimbursement of state contributionsSelection of employees - people with disabilitiesAssigning offers of substitory fulfillment to sheltered workshop or a sheltered workplace and pay the mandatory contributionEffective management of sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces

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