Individual psychotherapy

In case you are interested in short-term or long-term psychotherapy, which will help solve your life crises and help to better manage the problems of everyday life, you can look at our offer of individual and later group psychotherapy. Our professional orientation focuses on psychodynamic psychotherapy. We believe that nothing happens in our lives at random, everything is linked with everything and the root of it is mostly in our past, that forms our present, and determining what happens in the future. Primary Family, that we come from gives us life roles, tasks and patterns, ways of survival and behavior. To understand what is going on with you, why, and especially how to change things for the better, we are here for you.

Our team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists:

PhDr. Jana Galátová, PhDr. Elena Kopcová, PhD.

Duration and price:

1 hour / 25 Eur

Provided discounts:

  • 10% for orders over 10 courses or 10 hours of individual counseling
  • 20% for orders over 20 courses or 20 hours of individual counseling

Discounts are not cumulative. If you would like more training hours or advice, please, contact us.