Our team

Consists of lecturers from among psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, doctors and lawyers, these professionals:

  • prof. PhDr. Ján Gabura, PhD.
  • doc. PhDr. Eva Mydlíková, PhD.
  • doc. PhDr. Eva Letovancová, PhD.
  • PhDr. Elena Kopcová, PhD.
  • PhDr. Jana Galátová
  • MUDr. Katarína Bergendiová, PhD.
  • PhDr. Marianna Sninčáková
  • Mgr. Paulína Kurucová
  • Mgr. Rastislav Duriš
  • PhDr. Anna Surovcová, CSc.

Jan GaburaProf. PhDr. Ján Gabura, PhD. – Founder of social work in Slovakia, currently a member of the Department of Social Work at UKF Nitra. In addition to lifelong academic career at the Comenius University in Bratislava, he worked as a psychotherapist in a pre-marriage and marriage counseling, he also absolved Rogerian psychotherapy, Erikson hypnosis, and currently works as a psychotherapist and as a supervisor in psychodynamic psychotherapy. His research, theory and practice is devoted to the family and its dysfunctions. Another focus is conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation, management functions etc.

Eva MydlikovaDoc. PhDr. Eva Mydlíková, PhD. – Director of the Institute of Social Studies and Therapeutic Education Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. In addition to teaching subjects such as social work in non-profit organizations, management in social work, social engineering, volunteering, social work with dysfunctional families and socio-psychological training acts as a supervisor of social work with different types of welfare clients. Previously she worked as a psychotherapist and the Centre for counseling and psychological services and as the founder and director of the first sheltered workshop for disabled young people in Slovakia.

Eva LetovancovaDoc. PhDr. Eva Letovancová, PhD. – Director of the Institute of Applied Psychology, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, professional interests – work and organizational psychology. External collaborator of several companies and institutions working in the field of development workers – lecturing, conducting trainings, assessments in the areas of: application of psychology in management (especially communication, decision making, group and team work, Leadership, organizational behavior), sales, teaching skills, application of psychology in marketing – consumer behavior, customer orientation.

Elena KopcovaPhDr. Elena Kopcová, PhD. – Co-founder and president of the Management Board TENENET oz and WELLNEA Ltd. (sheltered workshop) is now also an external lecturer of psychology, unemployment and experience in non-profit organizations at the Institute of Applied Psychology FSEV Comenius University in Bratislava. She completed training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, lectured on the socio-psychological training with a focus on learning about themselves and others, effective communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution, also in vocational courses to help people with disabilities and the unemployed.

Jana GalatovaPhDr. Jana Galátová – has long experience in working not only with children and young people and adults as a psychologist and psychotherapist during its 15 years of service in the Psychiatric Hospital in Pezinok. She completed a long-term training psychoanalytic group psychotherapy. She currently works as a clinical psychologist in private health clinic of clinical psychology, as well as a school psychologist in primary school. She is the supervisor, a training therapist and psychotherapist in the individual and couple and group psychotherapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy of traumatic experiences.

Katarina BergendiovaMUDr. Katarína Bergendiová, PhD. – Working as a clinical and immunological, allergologist and as a consultant doctor with the Slovak Olympic team for top-performance athletes for allergic diseases and immunology in preparation for the Olympic Games and other major sporting events (her patients include Veronika Zuzulová, Dominika Cibulková, Elena Kaliská and many others)She has an international certificate of sports immunology.

Marianna SnincakovaPhDr. Marianna Sninčáková – Social Advisor, currently professional guarantor of socio-labor protection and social care in TENENET oz, has more than 7 years’ experience as a curator in social work with children and young people working in social counseling for social clients in pre-divorce, divorce and post-divorce phase.

Paulina Kurucova
Mgr. Paulína Kurucová
– social worker, that has experience as a social counselor working with children and young people working in social counseling for social clients pre-divorce, divorce and post-divorce phase.

Rastislav DurisMgr. Rastislav Duriš – professional guarantor of the entire development process, social and work psychologist. He works intensively with applications of psychology in organizational practices and helping companies select the right people, identify talented staff and develop individuals and teams. He believes in the fundamental principles of Japanese philosophy of kaizen – continuous improvement – and inexhaustible intrinsic motivation of man.

Anna Surovcova
PhDr. Anna Surovcová, CSc.
– Systemic psychotherapist, longtime consulting psychologist in marital and couple counseling, currently lecturer in management skills, socio-psychological training, social skills training and stress rate.

In case of interest and questions, please contact us by email at: ena@tenenet.sk.

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