Developing an inclusive labour market in Slovakia

The idea of this country report is to provide the European Commission with up-to-date information about the current state of play in the development of inclusive labour markets at national level. The information will be useful for the European Commission in a variety of their activities: structural funds, direct funds, youth guarantee, tackling long-term unemployment initiative and most importantly the European Semester.

The European Semester is a process of macro-economic coordination between the European Commission and Member States. Macro-economic coordination implies a broader understanding of the economy, therefore including labour market policies. However, the topic of inclusion in labour market policy is –in the view of EASPD- underdeveloped. The objective is therefore to provide the European Commission with up-to-date information on the main strengths and weaknesses in this area at national level, as well as possible gaps in legislation.

The type of information required is to have very strong technical arguments (backed up by quantitative and qualitative data/studies, as much as possible). The idea is to focus on the main structural issues happening at national level in this area.

Informations about Stakeholder cooperation, Tagerted action, Availability of support and Reasearch you can find here.