Readiness of children and young people for the labor market in SR

The aim of the project was to address the plight of transition of 20,157 physically disadvantaged children and young people from 809 special primary and secondary schools with integrated classes in mainstream schools (MSVVS SR, 2014) from schools on the open labor market in Slovakia. The target group was youth workers at these schools, which we
want, thanks to all research activities under the auspices of the Institute of Social Studies and Therapeutic Pedagogy University in Bratislava, connect under work expertise with experts and representatives of subjects active in youth work.

The main outcome of the project is to develop a concept for preparing young disabled people in the present existing situation of professional practice in schools with innovative approaches, practical training with employers in the regional labor market. This project is closely linked to the already approved project “Poverty and employment”, supported by the Erasmus + (KA2), where the international scientific and technical conference will ensure the dissemination of results and expertise of both projects between the scientific community and thanks to following press conference, and medialization also among the general public.

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